Developing Content for Education Services

Nokia Life
Nokia Life & Nokia Life Plus

Through the Nokia devices, we have powered the Education Portfolio on the Nokia Life and Nokia Life Plus application, from developing the Learning Pedagogy to delivering the content empowering the end user to fill the knowledge gap.

  • Largest M-Learning deployment globally

  • Accessible on Nokia Life & Nokia Life Plus application embedded across Nokia 40 series and Nokia Asha devices numbering 30 million handsets

  • Management of M-education across subjects, 14 languages & hyperlocal content development

  • Total Subscribers till date : more than 3 million for Education Portfolio.

Targeting the rural, semi-urban and semi-skilled persons who have higher aspirations in life, comes this unique program named "Learn English" which equips the user to learn English through his native language (choice of 12 languages).

Divided into Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Levels, easing the learner gradually through increasing difficulty levels, the program is scientifically designed to include words, phrases, conversation pieces and tests. In the pipeline are the next versions with Dictionary Service and Profession-specific English learning. The SMS program is divided into cycles with definite learning goals addressed.

The GK category caters to hyper local trivia facts relevant for the user as helping him enhance and talk on varied topics. Along with the hyper local content the data supports state level, national and international level trivia facts. The hyper local facts cater to more than 500 districts in India, in English and 12 regional languages. In the recent times rich content is being generated for the Trivia section to be deployed on the Nokia Life Plus application.

Part of the highly successful NOKIA LIFE TOOLS project, the Exam Prep section spread across 10 months, gives useful learning content, likely questions, summary and glossary of the lessons covered under CBSE/ICSE and State Board syllabus of the states covered by NLT. Covering 18 state boards besides the Central Board syllabi, this SMS program is available in 12 languages. A following of 3 million subscribers is testimony to the usefulness and popularity of the product.

Supplimentary study material through Magic Pencil for MBA Students in India
MBA Course

Magic pencil is being utilized by MBA students of several colleges in Western India by which they are able to access contextual multimedia content for the 4 semester MBA course over large screen mobile phones and iPads.

This is helping them to access multimedia content that has been taught in the lecture sessions by their professors. Earlier they have been taking notes in their notebooks but were unable to revise the video lessons shared in the classroom.

Magic Pencil also makes it easier for professors of MBA courses to share course content. While earlier the professors have been sharing course content over emails and intranet file sharing , Magic Pencil has enabled contextual and structured course delivery seamlessly to all students. Instructors also have the option to provide more personalized courses for various students within a batch based on their progress. This is helping in better monitoring , enhanced feedback and assessments not only of students performance but also the efficacy of the course content.