Interactive Language Learning

Learn English
Targeting the semi-urban and semi-skilled persons who have higher aspirations in life, comes this unique program named "Learn English" which equips the user to learn English through his native language with the help of short situations(choice of 8 languages).
  • World's largest deployment of English Learning Content over mobile networks
  • Over 20,000 minutes of audio content in 9 languages deployed across India & Bangladesh

Divided into Basic, and Advanced Levels, easing the learner gradually through increasing difficulty levels, the program is scientifically designed to include spoken English lessons helping the user increase vocabulary as well as be confident in phrasing his own sentences to communicate with friends, colleagues and various life situations.

We researched the need of learning English and based on the results developed the program. The learning pedagogy, structure, lesson plan, script, recording in the right essence, all the aspects were considered in development of the program. IVR combines dramatization with the core learning objectives.

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M-Learn 2009 Conference paper from EnableM on 'Mobile Users'Perception of Learning English through Mobiles Phones'.