Interactive Ebook Development

Interactive Book
EnableM works with Publishers, Institutions, Content Providers and contemporary pedagogy experts to create rich and interactive content from basic digital formats. It creates eBooks in epub format, on both, devices and online readers.

The e-pub content is compliant to the required LMS. EnableM uses its indigenously developed Magic Pencil Platform for eBook conversion and interaction. Besides adding depth and dimensions to learning, it also does the administration and management of learning environment and student MIS through a single portal.

Magic Pencil Platform offers a streamlined process of content assimilation that includes the following:

  • Content authoring

  • Content aggregation

  • Content citation

  • Content embedding

This multifaceted approach ensures that different formats of content can be brought together within a single course material. Thus multimedia content can be interspersed within textual or html content.

This also gives the feel of an ebook and based on user requirements customizations can be done to extract the content in epub format. Thus professors can effectively create interactive ebooks from within the Magic pencil platform and publish it within student groups.