Our Offerings

Our Offerings
EnableM offers software development and consulting services on web and mobile platforms specifically in the domain of education technology. We have been working in the field of education technology for several years and have built up strong competency in various forms of Learning management systems, web based education platforms and mobile learning solutions. Our team comprises of tech developers and domain experts who have developed and implemented end to end platforms and solutions as well as developed critical components helping our clients achieve their business objectives.

Our key contributions to our clients in various projects have been in:

  • Improving revenue and user base by providing web enabled solutions as Software as Services (SaaS) offerings
  • Enhancing our clients' suite of offering by including mobile / pad/ tablet based solutions
  • Optimising development process in terms of cost and time
  • Supplementing our clients' teams by offering flexible work force
  • Fast turnaround of component / module development
  • Improving reliability through our custom development and interoperability testing

We offer a flexible and tailor made engagement for our clients based on their individual needs. We can take up small projects extending for tens of man months to large continued engagement spanning years with multiple teams working in tandem. Our pricing and billing rates are reasonable by industry standards without compromising on quality that make our offerings truly compelling to our clients.

How do we achieve this:

Over the years we have developed capabilities in the specialised field of cloud and mobile technologies for the education field. We have worked and partnered with several well know names in the industry in education and publishing. This has helped us building up significant domain expertise that our developer and consultants leverage to deliver tailormade but fast turnaround solutions for you.

We also offer an award winning interactive learning platform Magic Pencil that can be customised to suit your needs in various facets of your requirements. By using Magic Pencil core we are able to provide you the necessary reliability of individual components that in turn enhances the overall performance and predictability of our deliverables.

In tune with today's dynamic technology development our project management is completely based on Agile methodology that helps quicker deliveries both from prototyping to final delivery. Thus our offerings have been received kudos from not only large institutions but also fast paced start ups that have immensely benefitted from our services.

We would be glad to discuss with you about your requirements and how we could contribute pro actively towards your technology development efforts. Please get in touch with us.